Drawing from a 37 year career as a professor of anthropology professor specializing in sexuality, gender, marriage and partnering patterns, I offer my knowledge and deep analysis with singles, couples and multiple-partner configurations.  I am especially skilled at working with culturally diverse populations and issues including Polygamy, Arranged Marriage vs. Love Marriage, Culturally Imposed Virginity, Polyamory, Swinging, Cheating, Sexual Assault Accusations, Cybersex/Sexting, BDSM/Kink practices and LBGTQI identities.

My sessions offer a unique perspective drawing from history, culture, biology, psychology, ritual and spirituality.  I may be one of the least judgmental professionals you will ever meet!

My goal is to enable you to understand the social, cultural and family structures that have led you to seek help.  Once we establish the ways the world around you has inhibited the core expression of all you can be and how you might love, we will work to reposition harmful and limiting paradigms.  Working with me can be a deep adventure in discovering “what else is possible.”  

Wise Woman
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